[NA-Discuss] Pre-registrations

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Tue Jun 7 14:09:56 UTC 2011


I've thought about this now for a day, and I've run through tolerance of
consumer deception, indifference to the plight of hoodwinked domainers,
and I'm glad to see Antony's managed to find historical advisories, which
if the corporation staff has remaining institutional memory, and purpose,
it can recycle.

However, I keep coming to a balance of interests question. Not a "is it in
scope? question, but an "is it more important than ...? question.

It is two weeks before some NARALO and other RALO members will be able to
join the ALAC executive and gather information concerning and advocate for
the public interest, in what is probably the most effective venue -- the
tri-annual public meetings.

I hope the ALAC will articulate a public interest statement of position on 
the proposed renewal of Verisign's contract to operate the .net registry.
I hope the ALAC will broaden and deepen a working relationship with the
state sovereignty focused public interest advisory group -- the GAC. I hope
the ALAC will ... 

And in these I mean that the individuals receiving travel support from the
corporation by virtue of their offices will act on questions identified
long before the date at which they start tossing socks and stacks of docs
into their travel bags before traveling to the current public meeting venue.

So at the end of a day of balance of interest reflection, even if ICANN were
joining in "sales of ready-to-occupy, residential-zoned lunar real estate",
I want our representatives favored by travel support to ignore United Domains,
and many other warts and boils.

I do not think you've pointed out something out of scope, only that it is
minor relative to the major issues of monopoly power, absence of public
interest participation in private interest favoring policy development, lack
of transparency and accountability, and so on.

I have what I hope is a constructive suggestion. That the diffuse set of
projects that observe and document problematic registrar activities add
"pre-registrations" by registrars and their resellers to the acts that are
periodically reported to ICANN's registrar compliance function, and to the
relevant public agencies, and the issue of deceptive marketing be added to
the Registrar Contract advice offered to the Board by the Advisory Group.


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