[NA-Discuss] Pre-registrations

Beau Brendler beaubrendler at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 6 17:10:02 UTC 2011

Eric B-W wrote:

"offers of "pre-registration" by non-parties to registry
application projects are contrary to the public interest, and may harm the
targeted registry application projects, for which they have private redress."

After three years in ALAC, I don't recall this topic coming up, or the ALAC making a statement on it.

I would support drafting a statement that pre-registrations in this mode are contrary to public interest -- though as chair I don't want to step forward and do that without some discussion and consensus.

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>I do not know if the ALAC offered advice to the Board on the subject at
>some prior point in time.
>Similarly, I do not know if the ALAC has offered advice to the FTC or any
>other agency of a political jurisdiction on the subject at some prior point
>in time.
>If so, then I suppose that the ALAC advice can be checked for currency and
>either updated and referenced, or if current, simply referenced again.
>Application projects like the 2004 Catalan project, or the 2000 Cooperatives
>project, should engage in communications to their prospective communities,
>as the default, the current situation, and still a problem for cooperatives,
>is that no practical alternative exists to Verisign's for-profit "com" label.
>How close pre-application communications offering pre-service information,
>and of necessity, to meet the ICANN direct fee and additional costs which
>are identified in the current DAG, also solliciting participation, whether
>unconditional, or in exchange for some current value, or expectation, can
>come to "pre-registration" of a hypothetical, I can't speculate upon.
>The United Domains campaign is clearly not an instance of a single application
>project, or a cooperating group such as ECLID (Scotland, Wales, Brittany,
>Galacia, and the Autonomous Basque Region) communicating to their respective
>I'm not optimistic concerning ICANN's current CEO instructing staff counsel
>to make a determination that "pre-registration" volates the current registrar
>contract, but I think offers of "pre-registration" by non-parties to registry
>application projects are contrary to the public interest, and may harm the
>targeted registry application projects, for which they have private redress.
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