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I wasn't too keen on their info page regarding .usa either,  but it was somewhat amusing to read through their terms and conditions and find an anti-pornography clause (especially as they were accepting pre-registrations for .xxx).

For now, let's just remain alert 

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Well, I'm gratified to see that .nyc is the top geographic tld and #6 over all.  :)
I'm not sure their info page on it accurately reflects respondents to the city's RFP however, and mid 2012 is *very* optimistic.


What are you suggesting be done, Danny?


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We've had issues with new TLD pre-registration activities and scams going all the way back to 2000 when the FTC needed to post a consumer alert.  Problems re-surfaced when .eu was on the horizon, and now I see that the new gTLD pre-registration games have begun.

See https://www.uniteddomains.com/ntld/pre-register-new-domains

It looks like we'll need to start carefully monitoring these developments.


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