[NA-Discuss] Length of At-Large Comment Periods

Carlton Samuels carlton.samuels at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 17:29:48 UTC 2011

Evan made a useful intervention in noting the structural enablers for
Danny's well-founded critique.  And thanks to Alan, the rational context in
which this is best evaluated was advanced.

IMHO and to bounce the rubble, there are two issues that invite some focus
if we are to address what Danny so unerringly identified.  Assuming the ALAC
shall remain a voluntary organisation and with most of us serving having
real day jobs to make a living.  And if the policy advice output is to be of
high quality and retain the respect of the community:

1) The workload shall remain a challenge to manage if a few work hard while
the majority remain hardly working.
2) Underscore a need for the ALAC to cut its coat to suit the cloth and
cherry-pick issues we feel compelled to respond to.

It is increasingly the ALAC Ex-Com (and co-opted Alan) that is now carrying
the workload.  And this is not a sustainable action.


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