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Danny Younger will not be able to join Monday's call. He asked that we consider the following (quoting from his e-mail with a couple of edits). I will put this item on Monday's agenda.

"The [draft applicant] Guidebook (section 3.3.2] calls upon the ALAC to develop a new gTLD objection vetting process.  Kurt Pritz, in his comments to Congress, has stipulated that he expects this to be a "robust" process established on behalf of the public interest.  My concern is that ... It took eleven and a half months just to set up the process to select an at-large director ... and there was a fair amount of confusion within some of the regions as to process considerations. Making matters worse is that we now have only around nine months within which to have the project completed.

The Guidebook states:  At a minimum, the process for objecting to a gTLD application will require: bottom-up development of potential objections, discussion and approval of objections at the Regional At-Large Organization (RALO) level, and a process for consideration and approval of the objection by the At-Large Advisory Committee.

... The NARALO has always taken the lead on major initiatives.  Perhaps this is the time to once more take the lead to defend the public interest."

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