[NA-Discuss] Draft ALAC WHOIS Statement

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Tue Jul 12 13:25:51 UTC 2011

Thanks Danny, reviewing...

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Subject: [NA-Discuss] Draft ALAC WHOIS Statement

> We need to discuss the new philosophical approach to Compliance put forth 
> in the draft "ALAC Statement on WHOIS Policy Review Team Discussion Paper" 
> prepared by Carlton Samuels at 
> https://community.icann.org/display/alacpolicydev/ALAC+Statement+on+WHOIS+Policy+Review+Team+--+Discussion+Paper 
> (as it most certainly does not reflect the views of the broad At-Large 
> Community).   I have sent through my initial comments, as has John Levine 
> on behalf of CAUCE.   I would appreciate hearing other North American 
> perspectives.
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