[NA-Discuss] Video, real-time stream or delayed, with optional post-processing (was: quora)

ebw at abenaki.wabanaki.net ebw at abenaki.wabanaki.net
Thu Jul 7 15:51:07 UTC 2011


My having my son's Flip was coincidental, and as a videographer I have 
some limitations, like absolutely no skill, taste or judgement, and a
hand that is only moderately steady.

Gregg Van Den Bosh (sp?) has been video-graphing at ICANN for ages, and
I suggest asking him in advance of the Dakar meeting for suggestions.

I suspect that he would be interested in the advance planning for the
ministerial summit planned, and for other ALAC-related or -peripheral
activities that may occur at the Dakar meeting, relative to applicant
support, or capacity building generally, or regulatory barriers (local
and ICANN originating) to public networks, and to public name spaces
accessible via public networks.

Streaming is good, it meets a specific need. However, it is also not
accessible for those with (a) limited media access, or (b) limited 
context. This is where the post-processing issue is interesting. Rather
than a meeting on an inscruitable subject couched in impenitrable
language, a voice over and visual sequence could convey something that
is accessible to a larger audience of interested persons.

As a plus, the post-processing provides an opportunity for voice over
in langauges other than English.


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