[NA-Discuss] Summary Minutes NARALO Call 14 February 2011

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Tue Feb 15 20:12:39 UTC 2011

On 15 February 2011 14:48, Internet Society - NY Chapter
<admin at isoc-ny.org>wrote:

> Danny: The GAC thinks that they can veto so many things about ICANN and
> > this
> > is unacceptable to At Large.
> In response to Danny's point, Evan repeated that he had discussions with
> GAC reps and that they had been surprised to hear that ALAC shared many
> concerns. GAC had felt that they were out on a limb and thus were resorting
> to desperate measures. A solid area of consensus was opposition to ICANN's
> proposed further outsourcing of dispute resolution. Evan assured the call
> that the board, particularly with Sebastien included, were well briefed on
> At-Large concerns.

This is generally accurate with an exception or three:

(1) I would want to replace "the Board" with "a number of Board members".

Presentations made to "the Board" -- ie, at Board meetings -- are done by
senior staff. The briefings of which I spoke have been in semi-formal (Board
member attendance at open ICANN workshops) and informal (The Board/ALAC
lunch in Cartagena, private conversations) settings.

(2) Since my conversations have been with many different GAC
representatives, I would ask to remove the USG-specific reference since that
was only the most recent of many consultations.

(3) It's also generally a mistake to say "the GAC had felt" since it's a
very diverse organization. It's more accurate to say "many GAC members".

- Evan

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