[NA-Discuss] Reminder from Beau: NA RALO teleconference Monday, 14 February @ 20:00 UTC

Beau Brendler beaubrendler at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 11 17:59:15 UTC 2011

Greetings. There will be a NA-RALO conference call on Monday, Feb. 14, Valentine's Day in the US, at 20:00 UTC. Further details are in the forwarded message below from Marilyn Vernon.

In advance, I'd like to ask you to please review the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for those of you, like me, who didn't go to b-school) document, as we will shortly need to make our comments on it. 

You can find it here:

Also: I'd like everybody to bring one example of something good, or bad, about a recent ICANN meeting they attended, that was a great idea of, or could have been addressed by, the local hosting organization. It doesn't have to be overly long or critical, but my hope is it will help us jog our memories about anything we could do, or shouldn't do, or might do during the San Francisco event. Example: (I'm just making this up..."It was really great in Cartagena that LACRALO sponsored a tent with free wireless access..." Not that they did, or didn't, or whether it would be a good idea to do so, but: "This was great, or this was bad, from that meeting and we shouldn't forget to do it (not do it)."
My example would be: It would be really great to write a welcome letter for the ALAC (and perhaps other cohorts of visitors) and give it to the conference hotel (s) for distribution to those who have reservations, so they receive it when they arrive. I'm more than happy to write the letter, and stand the cost out of my per diem, if we can determine who exactly it is we want to give a letter to.



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