[NA-Discuss] A draft text (was: Re: Forward motion on the Egyptian Internet shutdown)

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Tue Feb 1 23:17:26 UTC 2011

For what it's worth.

I have been in conversation with ALAC and other ICANN colleagues from North
Africa over the last 24 hours. The situation is sufficiently sensitive that
they have asked not to be identified.

While supporting the ALAC endorsement of the ISOC statement, they have been
adamant to me that stronger political statements from within At-Large or
ICANN -- such as the ones proposed here -- will do more harm than good.

Our counterpart RALO in Africa has explicitly chosen NOT to create a
statement. And African At-Large members have privately asked the ALAC
Executive Committee not to engage in political statement beyond support of
what ISOC has done.

Just something to consider...

- Evan

PS: I am still strongly in favour of follow-up policy activity to be taken
by At-Large in the aftermath of the events in Egypt -- specifically
recommendation #3 of Marc's draft statement and parts of Rod's blog on the
matter. I am not for us doing nothing. But i prefer action -- of the kind
that ICANN At-Large was designed to do -- over making statements.

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