[NA-Discuss] FTC letter on new gTLDs

Avri Doria avri at ella.com
Mon Dec 19 21:08:28 UTC 2011

On 19 Dec 2011, at 15:51, Evan Leibovitch wrote:

> What is becoming clearer and clearer is that not all MSM stakeholders are equal. Claims of a broadly-inclusive process, that has some stakeholders deeply embedded while others need to yell really loud just to join the distant periphery, aren't fooling anyone outside ICANN's bubble.

I really think you underestimate the vast power the GAC advice has; just look at the changes they got implemented in the AG once they stomped their collective foot..  True, ALAC has to strive to get itself heard and that is something that you know I support getting fixed, and I beleive it is getting better all the time.  And ALAC has gotten a Board seat, and could possible have gotten 2 if it had fought for implementation of what had been recommended.   that Board seat has a voice and uses it as far as I can tell The GAC, as I understand it turned down Board seats, but that has not minimized their ability to control the things they want to control.  

As far as observer status in GAC  and elsewhere in ICANN, that only means you don't get to vote or object to the consensus, they have full voice.  Additionally anyone, from anywhere can participate in most any working group, the place where all policy is initiated.  One does not need to be an 'insider', they merely need to be active and do the work of participating and contributing.


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