[NA-Discuss] Notice of Motion: update to ALAC advice on gTLDs

Eduardo Diaz eduardodiazrivera at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 14:31:42 UTC 2011

We should have considered a statement like this BEFORE the whole program
was approved. I am "pro" more options in the Internet.


On Sun, Dec 18, 2011 at 2:34 PM, Evan Leibovitch <evan at telly.org> wrote:

> Hello,
> This message is to announce my intention to move this motion at the
> *JANUARY* ALAC meeting.
> This is being done in order to enable discussion to take place -- within
> ALAC, its gTLD working group, and the RALOs -- to determine the response to
> this issue which has been IMO simmering throughout the At-Large community.
> We are told by many (and officially by ICANN) that the program is set and
> we should stop complaining, But to refuse to express the point of view of
> the public interest within ICANN -- even if it is contrary to the
> predominant wisdom -- if to fail at the very basics of At-Large's
> bylaw-mandated role.
> As one of the ALAC representatives for North America it is important for me
> to know the NARALO sentiment. As the proposer of this motion I guess my own
> point of view is laid bare; but if the region is mostly against it  I will
> act accordingly.
> - Evan
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> WHEREAS end-users and governments have only been invited to participate in
> the new gTLD program long after its foundation principles were determined;
> WHEREAS most of the problems identified by the ALAC in its Mexico City
> Summit declaration related to the new-gTLD program have not been
> satisfactorily addressed and indeed some have worsened;
> WHEREAS numerous complaints from governments, intergovernmental
> organizations and other bodies have indicated that law enforcement and
> public-protection measures in the current design of the gTLD program are
> insufficient;
> WHEREAS the ICANN Board, without explanation, has refused the
> cross-community endorsement of the Joint Applicant Support Working Group
> recommendations to reduce costs of new gTLD in developing economies
> independent of any fixed fund;
> WHEREAS the absence of a staggered release schedule or a fixed timetable
> for future rounds severely inhibits ICANN's ability to correct mistakes in
> the proposed application round;
> and
> WHEREAS ICANN has still not convincingly demonstrated the end-user need or
> benefit of a simultaneous launch of hundreds of new TLDs;
> RESOLVED THAT the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) convey to the ICANN
> Board and community the dissatisfaction of At-Large with the new gTLD
> program in its current form, and explicitly advises that its implementation
> would be harmful to the public interest. We request that implementation of
> the program be suspended until necessary public-interest modifications are
> implemented.
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