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Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Wed Dec 14 23:52:02 UTC 2011

Hello everybody,

thank you for your suggestions.

Cheryl: as this is an introductory letter, I thought a picture might
distract from the main message, but there are several links to the ALAC
& NARALO Web sites, so this should help. If we get enquiries for further
information, I suggest we use the picture in a 2nd wave of info.

Garth: At this point in time, it would be hard to point to specific
policy issues such as the Mexico summit statement (apart from the fact
that this is 2009 and we're pointing out the fact that Ms. Dyson's input
is obsolete, but I have now added a pointer to our correspondence page,
which includes all of our most recent statements, and more!

JJS: point well taken, and I totally agree with it so it is to keep in
mind for future messages... or even some parts of it added to the
current message. (yes, they made it just in time)

A version with amendments has been sent to Senator Rockefeller and I'll
forward the email to the ALAC and the NARALO lists in a moment.

I just wish to thank all of you for your quick response which has
greatly helped in drafting a letter in such a short time.

The question that now faces us, is whether, based on the discussions
that took place today at the House of Representatives:


NARALO and the ALAC should or should not send a similarly drafter letter
to Congressman Fred Upton, Chairman of the Committee on Energy and Commerce?

Kind regards,


On 14/12/2011 21:11, gbruen at knujon.com wrote :
> Well-stated
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> /Congratulations, Olivier & Beau, on a timely initiative. The remark
> on Esther's presentation set things straight./
> /
> /
> /I would like to offer a general remark, which may be worth adapting
> for future public messages (never mind the wording, I'm suggesting a
> notion, not a draft): /
> /
> /
> /While recognizing the historic role played by the United States of
> America in the construction of the Internet, we note that its
> pertinence in the future depends on its ability to serve and protect
> the general user anywhere in the world. So, whereas we follow with
> great attention hearings in the two legislative houses in Washington,
> it is the duty of the ICANN, and of the ALAC, to impress upon
> legislators and the executive branch in all countries that the
> touchstone of future Internet development is and should remain the
> public interest. In parallel, we wish to draw the attention of
> legislators in the USA to the fact that, because their conclusions and
> choices regarding the Internet have the potential to affect users
> elsewhere, US initiatives and laws should seek to be compatible with
> the public interest internationally./
> /
> /
> /Regards,/
> /Jean-Jacques.
> /
> 2011/12/15 Beau Brendler <beaubrendler at earthlink.net
> <mailto:beaubrendler at earthlink.net>>
>     That's the Mexico City statement? Might not be a bad idea. Oliver
>     and Heidi are really the ones who have done the heavy lifting
>     here, and I know time is of the essence, so I leave it to them as
>     to whether a reference of this sort can be included
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>     >Subject: Re: [NA-Discuss] Fwd: Re: Draft letter to House Energy &
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>     >
>     >Thanks. I'm concerned that this does not specifically reference
>     ALAC's
>     >statement on the program which is the subject of the hearings.
>     >
>     >The letter might lead with "At-Large did not (was not
>     asked/invited?) to
>     >testify, and was not referenced by Pritz in the list of
>     constituent groups
>     >who contribute to ICANN consensus. However, our previous current
>     stand on
>     >the new gTLD program is/can be found..."
>     >
>     >Comments about Dyson's statements are important to correct the
>     record, but
>     >the message should be on point with the subject matter.
>     >
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>     >Subject: [NA-Discuss] Fwd: Re: Draft letter to House Energy &
>     >CommerceCommittee
>     >
>     >> Dear all,
>     >>
>     >> there has recently been discussion on the NARALO list, regarding
>     >> hearings taking place in the US, including a hearing by the Senate
>     >> Committee on Science, Energy & Transportation (held Dec 8) and
>     a hearing
>     >> by the House of Representatives Energy & Commerce Committee
>     (held on Dec
>     >> 14th -- i.e. today).
>     >> Evan has kindly explained what these are and how they can accept
>     >> comments, with clear links to the hearings. His message is
>     included below.
>     >>
>     >> Please find enclosed, a draft of the first letter from Beau
>     Brendler,
>     >> NARALO Chair and co-signed by me, Chair of the ALAC, to be sent
>     to the
>     >> Senate Committee by closing of business day today. It will be
>     sent via
>     >> two paths, to the Chair of the Committee, John D. (Jay)
>     Rockefeller.
>     >>
>     >> Since this draft letter is not a policy paper or ALAC Statement but
>     >> rather a letter to tell the Senate "you wish to see end user
>     input in
>     >> ICANN, hey look, here we are", it does not require a formal
>     vote, but it
>     >> will be archived in our ALAC correspondence.
>     >>
>     >> We shall also submit a similar letter to Chair of the the House of
>     >> Representatives Energy & Commerce Committee, Congressman Fred
>     Upton,
>     >> should this be required. I understand that Kurt Pritz will be
>     one of the
>     >> witnesses providing testimony in the hearing, so we'll have to
>     see what
>     >> gets addressed at the hearing and if a completion of information is
>     >> required, no doubt that Beau and I would be happy to oblige.
>     >>
>     >> Kind regards,
>     >>
>     >> Olivier
>     >>
>     >> On 13/12/2011 06:49, Evan Leibovitch wrote :
>     >>> An important point of clarification (brought to me by Amber
>     Sterling
>     >>> of the NPOC earlier today) about the deadlines.
>     >>>
>     >>> There are two different hearings
>     >>>
>     >>>  1. Senate Committee on Science Energy and Transportation
>     >>>     <http://1.usa.gov/vzddPH> (held Dec 8)
>     >>>     After the verbal testimony was given, the public is able
>     to send
>     >>>     comments to the Committee by EoB Dec 14
>     >>>
>     >>>  2. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee
>     >>>
>     >>>
>     <http://energycommerce.house.gov/hearings/hearingdetail.aspx?NewsID=9134>
>     >>>     (to be held Dec 14)
>     >>>     After the verbal testimony is given, the public will be
>     able to
>     >>>     send comments (deadline will be announced at the meeting)
>     >>>
>     >>>
>     >>> So... the letter Olivier has drafted is in response to the Senate
>     >>> hearing (chair: John Rockefeller) and needs to be sent there
>     before
>     >>> Wednesday EoB. The letter mentions Esther Dyson, who
>     participated in
>     >>> the Senate hearing last week but will *not* be at the House
>     hearing
>     >>> this Wednesday.
>     >>>
>     >>> We may choose to send another, similar  letter to the House
>     committee
>     >>> after its testimony is heard. But the one Olivier drafted (the
>     content
>     >>> of which I agree with) needs to go to Mr. Rockefeller and the
>     Senate
>     >>> committee.
>     >>>
>     >>>
>     >>
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