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That's the Mexico City statement? Might not be a bad idea. Oliver and Heidi are really the ones who have done the heavy lifting here, and I know time is of the essence, so I leave it to them as to whether a reference of this sort can be included

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>Thanks. I'm concerned that this does not specifically reference ALAC's 
>statement on the program which is the subject of the hearings.
>The letter might lead with "At-Large did not (was not asked/invited?) to 
>testify, and was not referenced by Pritz in the list of constituent groups 
>who contribute to ICANN consensus. However, our previous current stand on 
>the new gTLD program is/can be found..."
>Comments about Dyson's statements are important to correct the record, but 
>the message should be on point with the subject matter.
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>> Dear all,
>> there has recently been discussion on the NARALO list, regarding
>> hearings taking place in the US, including a hearing by the Senate
>> Committee on Science, Energy & Transportation (held Dec 8) and a hearing
>> by the House of Representatives Energy & Commerce Committee (held on Dec
>> 14th -- i.e. today).
>> Evan has kindly explained what these are and how they can accept
>> comments, with clear links to the hearings. His message is included below.
>> Please find enclosed, a draft of the first letter from Beau Brendler,
>> NARALO Chair and co-signed by me, Chair of the ALAC, to be sent to the
>> Senate Committee by closing of business day today. It will be sent via
>> two paths, to the Chair of the Committee, John D. (Jay) Rockefeller.
>> Since this draft letter is not a policy paper or ALAC Statement but
>> rather a letter to tell the Senate "you wish to see end user input in
>> ICANN, hey look, here we are", it does not require a formal vote, but it
>> will be archived in our ALAC correspondence.
>> We shall also submit a similar letter to Chair of the the House of
>> Representatives Energy & Commerce Committee, Congressman Fred Upton,
>> should this be required. I understand that Kurt Pritz will be one of the
>> witnesses providing testimony in the hearing, so we'll have to see what
>> gets addressed at the hearing and if a completion of information is
>> required, no doubt that Beau and I would be happy to oblige.
>> Kind regards,
>> Olivier
>> On 13/12/2011 06:49, Evan Leibovitch wrote :
>>> An important point of clarification (brought to me by Amber Sterling
>>> of the NPOC earlier today) about the deadlines.
>>> There are two different hearings
>>>  1. Senate Committee on Science Energy and Transportation
>>>     <http://1.usa.gov/vzddPH> (held Dec 8)
>>>     After the verbal testimony was given, the public is able to send
>>>     comments to the Committee by EoB Dec 14
>>>  2. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee
>>> <http://energycommerce.house.gov/hearings/hearingdetail.aspx?NewsID=9134>
>>>     (to be held Dec 14)
>>>     After the verbal testimony is given, the public will be able to
>>>     send comments (deadline will be announced at the meeting)
>>> So... the letter Olivier has drafted is in response to the Senate
>>> hearing (chair: John Rockefeller) and needs to be sent there before
>>> Wednesday EoB. The letter mentions Esther Dyson, who participated in
>>> the Senate hearing last week but will *not* be at the House hearing
>>> this Wednesday.
>>> We may choose to send another, similar  letter to the House committee
>>> after its testimony is heard. But the one Olivier drafted (the content
>>> of which I agree with) needs to go to Mr. Rockefeller and the Senate
>>> committee.

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