[NA-Discuss] IMPORTANT: US Senate hearings on new gTLDs

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Mon Dec 12 15:34:54 UTC 2011

The feeling I keep getting is that the A&T and other reform kind of stuff
is ready to be given to us .... AFTER the gTLD goldrush is dome, after all
the bad consequences are in place, and we can then have a wonderfully
transparent (and associatedly long, inconclusive and probably gamed)
process for cleaning up the mess.

- Evan

On 12 December 2011 10:11, John R. Levine <johnl at iecc.com> wrote:

> > I agree that the accountability and transparency still has a long ways
> to go.  But I think it has improved and is improving - albeit too slowly.
>  So I agree that is something we definitely have to keep pushing on.  Make
> them live up to the promises made.
> Agreed, so long as we're saying that they still need to fix the A and T
> first, then do other stuff.  There are plenty of nice people working at
> ICANN, but as an institution it has a great deal of trouble doing what it
> says it's going to do, for anything that doesn't lead directly to revenue.
> R's,
> John
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