[NA-Discuss] IMPORTANT: US Senate hearings on new gTLDs

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Fri Dec 9 22:06:31 UTC 2011

On 9 December 2011 16:38, Kieren McCarthy <kierenmccarthy at gmail.com> wrote:

> KP: So a point I wanted to make at the end, and I missed making earlier, is
> in our testimony, when we talk about a consensus-based process and that
> there's a consensus for launching this program in this manner, those
> consensus opinions are hard-fought and hard-won.
> ICANN<http://news.dot-nxt.com/taxonomy/term/107> is
> a very noisy environment and it's all those groups you mentioned: IP,
> attorneys, corporations, not for profits, non-commercials and...



Kurt never mentioned At-Large by name. He mentioned the other stakeholders
multiple times, even though he.... knows us by now.

I can cut Esther some slack because she has no idea of what At-Large has
evolved to in "the RALO era".

OTOH, Kurt correctly never counted At-Large as part of the consensus but
also refused to acknowledge our existence either, so there was no counter
to Esther's PoV on this. We were the only stakeholders not mentioned.

What I would like is for the Committee -- and other bodies seeking the
voice of end users in ICANN -- to know where to find us. And vice versa.

- Evan

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