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They've had non-US witnesses at past hearings if my memory serves me



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On 8 Dec 2011, at 14:59, "Evan Leibovitch" <evan at telly.org> wrote:

> Hello all,
> This morning, the US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and
> Transportation held a hearing on the ICANN new gTLD program.
> The web page describing the hearing, which includes a video of the entire
> 90-minute session, is at http://1.usa.gov/vzddPH
> I am told that it will soon be uploaded to the Committee's YouTube channel
> at http://www.youtube.com/user/SenateCommercePress
> Among the speakers are
>   - Kurt Pritz, ICANN VP
>   - Dan Jaffe of the Association of National Advertisers who is trying to
>   block the new gTLD program
>   - Fiona Alexander with the US NTIA
>   - Angela Williams of the US YMCA (speaking after deliberation with
>   ICANN's Non-Profit Organization Constituency)
>   - Esther Dyson, former ICANN Board member (and ALAC member from the
>   pre-RALO days when ALAC was all-appointed)
> It's VERY interesting listening. Kurt's message -- that adequate
> protections are in place in the program to deter large amounts of money
> spent on defensive registrations -- was not well received. In contrast, the
> committee heard about several instances -- in some cases by the Senators
> themselves -- who were the victims of cybersquatting and domain
> speculators. All other speakers were critical of the program and some were
> even asking if the US government has the authority to block the roll-out
> from happening in January as ICANN intends.
> Interesting note amongst the comments... many orgs have found themselves
> needing to but defencive registrations in .XXX and are livid at the thought
> of having to do a bunch more for future TLDs. (For instance, Indiana
> University has purchased "hoosiers.xxx").
> Of note to us.... much was made by Kurt of the consensus between
> stakeholders. Dan shot that down in relation to business users and Angela
> said the NPOC wasn't allowed to become a real stakeholder in time to have
> an impact on decisions already made. Esther made mention at the end that
> the real constituency not yet heard from (at least by the Senators) was the
> billions of Internet end users. Mention was made that the committee now
> needs to hear from them.
> Sounds like an opportunity to me.
> Now... I don't know if one has to be a US citizen to testify; if not the
> ICANN Chair or vice chairs (of which I am one) would all be good candidates
> and in fact the international character of ALAC sends a useful message IMO.
> But if the requirement is to be a US resident, I have complete and utter
> faith that NARALO's own leadership includes people (Beau, Ganesh, Eduardo)
> who could easily step into the role and do the community proud.
> Further to this, I would like to raise the issue as an agenda item on
> Monday's NARALO call and I would like us to consider letting the Committee
> know that there is indeed a group within ICANN that exists to provide the
> voice of Internet end-users,
> Thank you.
> - Evan
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