[NA-Discuss] ICANN fires CEO

John R. Levine johnl at iecc.com
Fri Aug 26 01:53:09 UTC 2011

> For an international job in the Internet age a solution can be found, unless
> the staff can't be trusted in the office without constant supervision.

Having done more than my share of telecommuting, I can say from experience 
that organizations work better when people see each other face to face on 
a regular basis.  It doesn't have to be every single day, but it needs to 
be more than a monthly meeting.  I also have to say that ICANN's 
experience with CEOs doing long commutes has been less than inspiring.

I'd have cheerfully made an exception for Doug Brent as an interim, given 
that he already knows everyone, but since he's not interested, that's 

The ICANN CEO is a well paying high profile job in a city that is widely 
considered pretty attractive.  I hope they make it a clear condition for 
the next CEO that he or she will live within commuting distance the 

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