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Houle Louis Louis.Houle at oricom.ca
Tue Aug 2 21:49:51 UTC 2011

I don't know about Eduardo, but I prefer Evan's proposal.
1- We can save costs.
2- We will demonstrate that we are in a multilingual, international 
minded organization. (Darlene, how about adding a fourth one ?)
3- We will reinforce the «Web brochure» that we did earlier (with Evan)
4- We will target more easily the people

P.S. Eric, I'm not sure I get your point. It's a little bit amusing. At 
ISOC Québec, we have near 400 members from Quebec, and from Canada, and 
from United States (our newest member is Celestine from Springfield). 
Notwithstanding a few members from Africa and Arabic North Africa where 
French is spoken. Do you see any other NA French communities ? I know 
that you can find near 2,5 millions French speaking persons in United 
States and nearlye 1,8 million in Canada (other provinces in Canada). If 
we don't start somewhere, who will target those guys?

Louis Houle
La Société Internet du Québec (ISOC Québec)
Louis.Houle at isocquebec.org

Le 2011-08-02 17:22, Evan Leibovitch a écrit :
> Truth be told, I'm finding this discussion both mildly amusing and very
> puzzling.
> This is the INTERNET. It -- and the digital contents it contains, such as
> this email -- is unconstrained by the physical and time-based limitations
> imposed on paper documents such as brochures.
> This discussion thread offers a powerful argument in favor of tossing the
> concept of printed brochures entirely. In its stead, we could have stable
> URLs for the information we want in all applicable languages, and print
> NARALO business cards that contain the URLs in all available languages.
> This would be far less expensive to produce, eliminate the need to limit the
> message into the available page size, and reduce the arguing over a
> needlessly scarce resource.
> - Evan
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