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Tue Aug 2 17:02:26 UTC 2011


You have each asked that the entire inventories of NARALO brouchures in
French and Spanish be committed exclusively to your hands.

I wish to observe that while French is spoken primarily in Quebec in
the North American Region, and Spanish is spoken primarily in Puerto
Rico in the North American Region, that it is possible that there are
needs for NARALO brochures, in French, and in Spanish, which may be
as well served by others.

I don't doubt that there are too few brochures to go around, but if
all non-English brouchures are allocated to the ALSs in Quebec and
Puerto Rico, that exhausts that resource and limits outreach to the
Francophone and Hispanophone populations of the region except those
in the Province of Quebec and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Equitably, and in cooperation,

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