[NA-Discuss] Does ICANN need to evolve its code of conduct?

John R. Levine johnl at iecc.com
Tue Aug 2 16:20:49 UTC 2011

> I'm on the board of directors for a NYS not-for-profit health care
> institution and, while we receive a per meeting fee, I'm told the strict
> standard is that none is allowed. However, state auditors allow it in
> recognition of the challenge in getting effective public oversight
> participation. (Note that this fee would not pay for an overnight stay
> in a ICANN class hotel. And I'm certain rules vary by state. )

I looked up the rules for California non-profits the last time this came 
up.  Paying directors is specifically legal, subject to overall rules on 

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PS: For how well the NY rules are enforced, see the front page of today's NY 
Times, about two brothers who paid themselves $1M/yr each running a 
non-profit for the developmentally disabled.

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