[NA-Discuss] Public Comment: Proposal for Renewal of the .NET Registry Agreement

Eric Brunner-Williams ebw at abenaki.wabanaki.net
Tue Apr 26 16:41:22 UTC 2011


I would like to draw your attention to the following issue, which I've 
not seen mentioned yet in the ALAC Working List or the NARALO 
discussion list.

In the period from the selection of ICANN as the New Entity to the 
present date, the single act that most reduced the monopoly in gTLD 
registry function was the redelegation of the .ORG registry, 
affecting, and benefiting, several millions of registrants and the 
users of their resolved resources for web pages, mailing list, and 
other programmatic resources.

Given the competition policy rational for the existence of the 
corporation, and the obvious difference between establishment of new 
registries benefiting by a presumption of contract renewal, absent 
cause, and the maintenance of a legacy monopoly market, abusing the 
presumption of contract renewal, and the At Large purpose of 
representing the public interest, I propose that a comment be drafted 
to the effect that its signers, perhaps entire At Large regional 
organizations, even the At Large Advisory Committee, prefer that the 
presumptive renewal language not appear in legacy contracts currently 
held by the monopoly operator.

The announcement by ICANN is here:

Thank you all for your time and attention,

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