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Sun Apr 3 16:35:18 UTC 2011

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From: Alan Greenberg [mailto:alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca]

> - I believe that there are Board members who are more likely to reject our entire package if 
> questioning the $100k is a major component.

Well far be it for me to second guess ALAC, but I do not believe that bottom-up organizations should be second guessing the powers that be when deciding what to recommend.  Self censorship often censors more than might be disapproved of by the powers that be.  Of course I figure that to the JAS WG, ALAC is a components of the relative opacity that is the powers that be in ALAC.

Second guessing a few month ago would have had us leave any price reductions out of the recommendations, whereas after a bit of persistence, including showing the GNSO recommendations that allowed differential pricing, we may now be approach the possibility of approved price reductions for some applicants.

Like wise persistance in pointing out that the cost neutrality, as recommended by the GNSO was for the application program, and not for all previous charges or expectations of possible future risk.  Persistence in this vein might also achieve results.


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