[NA-Discuss] The TLD-less NYC

Carlton Samuels carlton.samuels at gmail.com
Sun Apr 3 13:02:11 UTC 2011

Follow the money, indeed!

But can I tell you, I'm for letting everybody have their TLD.  I myself
cannot see why a .brand is going to be a panacea for big biz or, for that,
matter, Ms Consumer.  And if a .co floats your boat better than a .com,
then, ching ching for my friends the Colombians!  Part of the mystery in
this circle of life. So, if some person with too much money for sense wants
to spend some of that loot on providing TLDs, why, I think in this context
it would be almost incivil not to help them.

Which brings me to this business of categories.  For the life of me, I
cannot understand why the kerfuffle about them.  Especially when the
existing TLDs were less than subtle movements/motions/notions at
categorization!  Quick, can anyone say .edu or .biz or... dotorg?

I'm not persuaded to the argument that a thousand more TLDs will make the
Internet unstable.  What is abundantly clear is ICANN does not now have -
and, seemingly, is blissfully unaware of! - an apparatus in place sufficient
to shepherd the land rush some people anticipate. That is the problem for
me.  And that is why in my At-Large voice, I would rather see a more orderly
introduction...than not.


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