[NA-Discuss] Well written article on the .jobs breach notice

Danny Younger dannyyounger at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 26 22:49:16 UTC 2011


A clue to the monetization scheme may be found in the original breach notice:

"The recently launched universe.jobs appears to be a job board that advertises job openings for multiple employers. It is our understanding that one registrant, who is a member of SHRM, registered forty thousand second-level domain names in the .JOBS TLD for use on this job board. It appears that Employ Media and SHRM, through the Direct Employers Association, intend to use the .JOBS TLD primarily to compete with other internet job boards. Such use is inconsistent with the purpose stated in the .JOBS Charter and represented to the ICANN community."

You will also note on the SHRM website a reference to possible "premium placement services" (1) which are also cited in the .jobs proposed amendment (2)

Yet another monetization effort may likely be found in the proposal's description of a "self-managed class of names" which is described as follows:

"Previously, Employ Media began the process of creating a self-managed class of names in the .jobs tld. Called the shared domain beta test, many non-"companyname" .jobs domains were (and in many cases still are) registered to Employ Media. Employ Media "used" these domains in the DNS by redirecting them to a third party (the Direct Employers Association), who themselves "used" the domains by providing uniform, consistent content to all the domains in the shared beta test."

Hope this helps,

(1)  http://www.shrm.org/about/news/Documents/Dot%20Jobs%20Survey%20Report%20t%205_28_10%20(2).pdf
(2)  http://www.shrm.org/about/news/Documents/Employ%20Media%20Proposed%20Amendment%20March%202010.pdf

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> Danny,
> It isn't that well written, or I'm just not very smart. I
> can't figure 
> out from the article just what the monitization scheme of
> the operator 
> is. How is the behavior producing revenue? Is it steering,
> a la 
> SiteFinder, all traffic to operator-owned monitization
> resources?
> How is this different from the repurposing of .travel?
> Clues appreciated.
> Eric
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