[NA-Discuss] BCEC Slate of candidates has been chosen

Annalisa Roger Annalisa at sfbayisoc.org
Fri Oct 29 01:02:22 UTC 2010

Hello NARALO List Members,

Here is my report and update on the work of the Board Candidate Evaluation
Committee (BCEC).

Best Regards,
Annalisa Roger
BCEC Member

The BCEC concluded their meeting today which has resulted in a slate of
three candidates to forward to ALAC in its election process for its new
seat on the ICANN Board of Directors.

A total of 43 Statements of Interest were received by the Board Candidate
Evaluation Committee for the position of At-Large Board Director. Out of
these 43 applications, 21 were deemed to be too incomplete to proceed
further. Of the remaining 22 Statements, 16 applicants are not currently
active in the At-Large community while 6 are currently active. Male
applicants (18) made up the vast majority of applicants with 4 female
applicants.  The globally diverse pool of 22 applicant represented a wide
array of professional backgrounds.  The applications were  carefully
considered by the BCEC based on the established criteria in a blind method
where each applicant was re-named with a number.  Five applicants were
selected at this time and their names were then revealed to the BCEC for
round 2.   Round 2 deliberations were conducted from a fresh or zero sum
scoring on criteria, and discussion points  to establish the selection of
the BCEC's preferred applicants for inclusion on the final slate of three

I am pleased with the work of The BCEC and valued the opportunity to
participate in this very important ALAC process.  Members of the BCEC 
offered interesting insights, seriousness thought, and diverse
perspectives throughout the process.  Their ability to deliberate on a
very impressive and competitive group of SoI's was successful in that we
acheived the goals we set for the working group.  The BCEC will conclude
its final work at its last meeting, November 17, 2011.

Timeline of the At-Large Director Selection
28 October - 12 November: Campaigning period, including community call for
candidate debate, and RALO discussions on candidates
15-19 November: RALO discussions on candidates continue, and ALAC and RALO
chairs vote for At-Large Director
10 December: Successful candidate takes seat on ICANN Board in Cartegena,

Publication of all 22 applicants names as well as the final slate of 3,
along with BCEC’s diagrams of the process and timeline will be made
available by ICANN staff as soon as possible at the following link: 

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