[NA-Discuss] WTF?

Beau Brendler beaubrendler at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 12 10:57:49 UTC 2010

   no problem, I just didn't really understand the wording ... and if the goal
   is to better administer the process now, great, that's what I voted for. We
   should just help whoever takes up the position in the future to try to
   develop a mechanism for communicating with the unaffiliated people. I know
   that  Matthias  and Darlene and others were working on that, and I was
   supposed to help but didn't, so, onward to better representation for us

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   On 11 October 2010 19:38, Beau Brendler <[1]beaubrendler at earthlink.net>

     This has probably been explained before, but:
     Please note that Beau Brendler participated in the vote on behalf of the
     unaffiliated members. While his vote is visible on the above URL, it is
     not counted towards quorum as according to rule 15, an affirmative vote of
     not less than 70% of active North American At-Large Structures is required
     to amend the NARALO Operating Principles.
     What does that mean? Let's not pretend to give unaffiliated members a vote
     (in this particular case, a yes) if it's not going to be counted.

   Beau, I don't know why it was not counted and will check into it. If you
   participated in the vote then your vote counts and is part of the quorum. I
   apologize on behalf of the process that may have inadvertently missed your
   Of course, as you and I both know, the purpose of this vote was to codify
   and formalize what had until been an informal and not-fully-recognised role
   of  unaffiliated  members  and their representatives within NARALO and
   - Evan


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