[NA-Discuss] Homeland Security seizes Domain Names

Jean Armour Polly mom at netmom.com
Sun Nov 28 18:14:05 UTC 2010

Hi, apparently it's snagged at the .com root, see
although I didn't verify these traces myself.

I just think it is surprising that ICANN has no comment yet, because 
it seems to add fuel to the arguments that the US Government has too 
much control over the global Internet. I'm not saying I necessarily 
agree or disagree with the arguments, I'm just saying that we have 
heard this call for an alternate model or even an alternate DNS for 
many years and we are likely going to see a resurgence after this 
event, and I hope ICANN releases a statement.

Besides the NYT article,  here are sample articles right now:


Does anyone remember the late Jon Postel's one-man redirect of the 
root in 1998?

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