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The officers of the San Francisco Bay Chapter of ISOC voted to cast our ALS vote to NARALO for Sebastien Bachollet for ICANN Board seat #15.

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By now I hope you'll all be aware of the fact that the At-Large Community
is, for the first time ever, selecting a Director for the ICANN Board.

The election for this is happening very soon. Under the current voting
scheme, there are four voters from each region -- the ALAC members and the
RALO Chair.

In NARALO, that means the eligible voters would be Alan, Beau, Gareth and
myself. However, since Alan is a candidate, he cannot vote.

Because there are only 20 voters, each vote is important, so I have asked
the Nominating Committee to substitute NARALO Secretariat Darlene Thompson
as a replacement voter for our region. Apparently the NomComm is debating
this issue and I have been invited to participate; I will let you know how
this progresses.

As agreed in the last NARALO meeting, I made a commitment to hear the views
of NARALO members regarding the three candidates. There has been a community
conference call held with the candidates; a recording of that meeting can be
found at

In addition to that (two-hour) call, many of the regions submitted questions
of the candidates, some weeks back I solicited questions from NARALO members
which were presented to all candidates on your behalf.

A full list of initial statements from the candidates, as well as their
written answers to the questions from NARALO and other regions, can be found

I invite all NARALO participants -- whether ALSs representatives,
non-representative ALS members, or unaffiliated individual NARALO members,
to contact me regarding their own preferences. While you are welcome to make
your interest publicly known, I will treat all correspondence of this kind
as confidential. I can be reached by email or Skype; if you prefer some
other method of communication let me know.

- Evan
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