[NA-Discuss] Fwd: ALAC BoD Candidates

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Mon Nov 1 12:57:41 UTC 2010

I am aware of at least one other region that is considering supporting a
petition for Avri as a candidate, and I have now heard from another NARALO
member besides Wendy supporting her inclusion.

I would like to get a sense of whether NARALO as a whole would support this

Please note:
- Supporting Avri as a petition candidate does not obligate anyone to vote
for her -- this is simply for her inclusion on the ballot
- If we are to do this we must do it soon, as in the next few days, because
of the compressed campaign schedule

Please speak soon. If there are not three regions in support of this
petition it will fail. But I need to know ASAP whether NARALO is in favour
or opposed to our participation in such a petition.

- Evan

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