[NA-Discuss] GSE North America Strategy

Joe Catapano joe.catapano at icann.org
Fri Feb 17 16:33:23 UTC 2017


Hello all,
Per the NARALO call on Monday, we have created a wiki page to house the GSE
strategy. We will use this page to solicit comments and feedback ahead of
the 2017 refresh of the plan. We ask that you please submit your
comments/feedback in the comments section by March 8, 2017.

One thought from the call: one possible area of consideration in reviewing
the strategy is the unaffiliated category of At-Large members. This
positions At-Large for greatly expanding its base in North America and
fulfilling its objectives.

Looking forward to your thoughts. Thank you all for your active


Joe Catapano
Program Manager, Stakeholder Engagement, North America

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