[NA-Discuss] Monday's NARALO Call (3PM EST/12PM PST)

Garth Bruen gbruen at knujon.com
Sun Mar 10 21:24:42 UTC 2013

NARALO'ers (-ites?),

Ahead of Monday's call there are a few issues I want to remind everyone of
and items I would like to confirm.

First, the call is at 3:00PM(1500)EST/12:00PM(1200)PST  in observance of
Daylight Savings Time (which starts TODAY). This changes the UTC time of the
call BACK one hour from 2000 UTC to 1900 UTC.  This will be the case until
the end of the summer. 

Second, this has been a VERY busy month in several areas, because of this
there is a long list of various discussion items especially under #9 ALAC
issues. We obviously cannot discuss them all, so I would ask that the group
highlight any item which REQUIRE review or discussion and let me know. I
will move them to the top of the list and place them in BOLD type. 

Third, we will have an ALS spotlight from Darlene. This is a monthly event
and we will be looking for a volunteer for the May call. 

Fourth, there are a number of issues surrounding the new gTLD objection to
.HEALTH, they all deserve attention, but in the interest of time we should
be particular about what we discuss on the call. There are three items which
have been separated in different section of the agenda: One, is the
objection itself for which we do not have the time on this call to rehash
the entire history; two is the handling of the NARALO discussion and polling
on the objection which will be covered under "4.3 Conduct and Procedure
within NARALO"; three, the pending ALAC vote on the community objection to
.HEALTH until ALAC business. Since the ALAC vote on the objection is the
most current and important piece, all discussion about the objection should
occur here.

Finally, I try to include all pertinent items and anything forwarded to me
by the region. If I have left ANYTHING out, this is not intentional, please
remind me.

Updated Agenda:



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