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That should be easy to test

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Hi everyone,

One of our old NYTM members, Jonathan Vanasco (who doesn't post much anymore, if at all) asked me to report this out to the group.

If you're using Name.com, you should be aware that if you have not actively set your subdomains to return null or redirect to your main domain, it seems that Name.com is redirecting all subdomains to their servers. I believe if someone types in a subdomain on your domain and spells it wrong, they're going to get taken to a Name.com page.

Jonathan asked me to raise this on the list so everyone is aware.

See more on this here: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5299534

I'm not 100% clear on this - there's so much in the thread to read, but from my understanding of it, if you have a domain registered at Name.com, they're privately making sure that if anyone types in a subdomain incorrectly, it will revert to them and not you, making people think your site might be down, when it's not.

The link may or may not have solutions to this issue. I'm kinda busy tonight, so I haven't vetted this thoroughly enough - but wanted to put it out there so if you're a Name.com customer, you can check into this yourself and see how their redirects on your domain affect you.

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