[NA-Discuss] Domain hijacking

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Wed Jun 19 03:44:07 UTC 2013

May I suggest that people interested in this issue take a look at the 
"Final Report on the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy - Part B Policy 
Development Process". This PDP was undertaken specifically to look at 
the issue of domain hijacking, and resulted in a number of 
substantive recommendations to facilitate the urgent return of 
hijacked domains. The policy was adopted by the ICANN Board on 25 Aug 
2011 and was implemented on 01 June 2012.

The actual policy implementation can be found at 
Of particular note are the sections on the Transfer Emergency Action 
Contact (TEAC) and the requirement for a registry to undo the 
transfer under certain conditions, and the requirement for the 
Registrar of Record to notify the registrant of the impending transfer.

Also perhaps of interest is the original SSAC report on hijackings - 


At 18/06/2013 09:42 PM, Garth Bruen wrote:
>Your request of the Chair is noted.  I will add this as a discussion item on
>our next call and let the region decide how to move forward.

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