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I am honestly struggling to understand your question.


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Eric Brunner-Williams
Eugene, Oregon

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I omitted to cc you. Corrected.

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On 6/4/13 12:49 PM, Garth Bruen wrote:
> All fair questions. 

Not everyone seems to think so, I appreciate that you do.

>                  The issue of the Commonwealth certificate is one of 
> unfortunate government bureaucracy. The certificate was renewed but 
> not updated, this has been in the hands of my lawyer for months. The 
> Commonwealth demands $500 a year for this certificate and offers 
> absolutely no service in return. This $500 which comes out of our 
> modest budget which would be much better spent on other activities, 
> hence the Vermont organization.

All quite reasonable.

> Once again, this may be another victim of government bureaucracy since "
> ROBERTG BRUEN" or " no-name-given" was probably supposed to be me in 
> the document. This Vermont entity is our non-profit foundation which 
> is completely donation-based and serves the Internet user at large on 
> policy consultation completely free of charge. However, instead of 
> simply taking my word for it I would suggest you contact the document 
> members (one of whom is on this list) and ask them who they put 
> forward for representing the organization to ICANN NARALO.

You may be mistaking my interest.

The offers of proof as I understand them are:

Knujon Org, a Vermont corporation, is the successor in interest to ALS #122,
held previously by Knujon.com, a Massachusetts LLC, according to Garth

Knujon Org, a Vermont corporation, is the personal property ("my non-profit
organization") of Bob Bruen, a separate entity from KuuJon.com LLC, in which
Garth "is not part", according to Bob Bruen.

KnujOn Org and Cold Rain Technologies are each a separate entity from
KnujOn.com with no reason to be involved in these discussions, according to
Bob Bruen.

The "members of record" of ALS #122 are a dissolved Massachusetts Limited
Liability Corporation, and a Vermont S-Corporation for which the State of
Vermont Corporate search does not return a record.

If these offers of proof are without contradiction, then ALS #122 consists
of neither the corporation Knujon.com, as it has been dissolved, nor the
corporation Cold Rain Technologies, as it too does not exist. Alternatively,
if Cold Rain Technologies exists, it is the personal property of an
individual who asserts an absolute bar to corporate disclosure related to
ALS #122, and also asserts neither KnujOn Org, a Vermont corporation, nor
Cold Rain Technologies, have a relationship with ALS #122 sufficient to
provide a "reason to be involved in these discussions".

Who then, are members of ALS #122?

The response to question 1.a. Structure and Governance, concerning the
constitution of the applicant so that individual members in the region are
possessed of an ability to control the organization was "No".

The response to question 2.a. Do you have individual members with the
ability to vote in or otherwise control the management of the organization?
was "No", consistent with the several claims of private ownership of the
member entities, and of ALS #122.

The response to question 2.b. Do you have organisations as all or part of
your membership? was "No".

What is the governance process of ALS #122?

The response to question 1.d. "Describe your Organization's structure (e.g.
governing and decision- making bodies and processes)" appears to be
completely vacated by the offers of proof, supra.

Is there something you could add that would help me arrive at a different
understanding of the current status of ALS #122?

Eric Brunner-Williams
Eugene, Oregon

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