[NA-Discuss] Seeking Re-election to NARALO Chair

Garth Bruen gbruen at knujon.com
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Hi Eric, 

All fair questions. The issue of the Commonwealth certificate is one of
unfortunate government bureaucracy. The certificate was renewed but not
updated, this has been in the hands of my lawyer for months. The
Commonwealth demands $500 a year for this certificate and offers absolutely
no service in return. This $500 which comes out of our modest budget which
would be much better spent on other activities, hence the Vermont

Once again, this may be another victim of government bureaucracy since "
ROBERTG BRUEN" or " no-name-given" was probably supposed to be me in the
document. This Vermont entity is our non-profit foundation which is
completely donation-based and serves the Internet user at large on policy
consultation completely free of charge. However, instead of simply taking my
word for it I would suggest you contact the document members (one of whom is
on this list) and ask them who they put forward for representing the
organization to ICANN NARALO.

Thanks, Garth

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Mr. Chairman,
Earlier I asked:

> In what capacity are you asserting your eligibility to be a candidate?

Pending a response, and assuming that your response will be that you are
advancing an eligibility based upon an offer of membership in a currently
certified ALS, and further assuming that the ALS to which you make this
offer is "KnuJon" (ALAC ALS ID 122), I have some additional questions
relating only to eligibility, not to past performance or offers of future

Application 122 lists a Massachusetts Limited Liability Corporation by the
name of "KnujOn.com LLC", and a Vermont S-Corporation by the name of
"ColdRain Technology" as the "organization" of record.

It further states that the "organization" is "primarily made up of two
persons", and then names two persons.

The Secretary of the Commonwealth, Corporations Division, in a Certificate
of filed on 11/08/2011 names the same two persons as managers of the
Massachusetts Limited Liability Corporation. In a further filing of
04/19/2011 the Corporations Division indicates that a "Dissolution by Court
Order or by the SOC" exists.  The filing number for the dissolution is

The Secretary of State of Vermont, Corporations Division, has on file an
incorporation of a Vermont corporation by the name of Knujon Org, Inc.,
incorporated on 08/12/2010, with ROBERT BRUEN as the registered agent and
six listed officers:
2. no-name-given

The Secretary of State of Vermont, Corporations Division contains no other
record relating to a Robert Bruen, and no record relating to a Graeth Bruen.

Question 1. What is the status of the Vermont S-Corporation listed in
application 122?

Question 2. For the purposes of association with the "Knujon" ALS, is the
Vermont "Knujon Org, Inc." the successor in interest of the dissolved
Massachusetts LLC "Knujon.com LLC"?

I may have a few follow-up questions depending on the answers offered.

Eric Brunner-Williams
Eugene, Oregon

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