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Thank you, Eduardo - all AWESOME questions,

Item #3 - that is something WE must decide.  It has been discussed in the ATLAS II group that any ALS that wishes to go must do a certain amount of "homework" so that they will be up to speed on the issues that will be discussed.  If an ALS cannot do at least that, then the group questions why we should spend the money to send them.  This isn't a holiday.  During the event, it has been suggested (but not set in stone) that we might divide up into groups so that each person can decide for their own ALS as to which policy discussion is the most pertinent to them and then pursue that.  That way, we can give the ALSs flexibility but still a strong learning experience and, hopefully, more participation in ICANN policy.  Capacity building, it has been suggested in the ATLAS II group, should be done prior to the meetings.  This meeting will involve much policy work and its expected that the ALSs should be up to speed on the policy area that they wish to participate in.  Having said that, though, we (ATLAS II WG) would still VERY much like to hear from the RALOs as to any suggestions/opinions in this regard.

No, neither Carlos nor Matt have contacted me.  However, since we have two votes about to happen, I have been contacting the ALSs that missed the last votes and so far we seem to have the correct contact info for each - although I haven't contacted each one yet.  Garth indicated that he would be working on this as well.  So, we should have a very good idea within the next week as to whether any of the contact info is wrong and be able to correct it.

Yes, please - does anybody out there have good connections at ARIN?  I am willing to develop that but if anybody already has an inroad - please speak up!

Thanks a bunch,


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Thanks you for an excellent report.

Regarding item #3: What is the expectation in preparing ALSes for the ATLAS II meeting? This can be multifold. For example, is it capacity building?, is it  explaining what is going to happen during the event?, is it a about if my ALS is going?, etc?

Something else: Have Carlos or Matt contacted you to update the main point of contact for all ALSes in our region? I am asking because according to the ATLAS II time line (https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/ATLAS+II+Timeline) there is a 8/26 deadline to have all this information ready and up to date and staff suppose to have contacted you to help with this. Let me know.

By the way, we should purse the RIR idea. Who has good relations with ARIN?


On Thu, Aug 22, 2013 at 5:09 PM, Thompson, Darlene <DThompson1 at gov.nu.ca<mailto:DThompson1 at gov.nu.ca>> wrote:
Hi all,

I just wanted to let you in on some interesting things that were discussed during our inter-regional Leadership Meeting today.

1.  RALO/RIR Joint Support - Some regions have actually entered into MOUs with their RIRs.  So far, NARALO has not done this nor have we actually tried anything in this way to ARIN.  ARIN has shown positive overtures to us in that they sent me the notice for their fellowship program and asked me to forward it to our list (which I did).  I think that this is an area that we really need to work on.  EURALO has actually received funding support from their RIR for additional ALSs to go to ICANN meetings.  Basically, what can be hoped for in the short term would be the idea of long term cooperation and idea sharing.  Benefits to NARALO:  idea sharing/cooperation, sharing of learning materials, possible funding.  Benefits to ARIN:  idea sharing/cooperation, utilizing NARALO in order to promote outreach for ARIN programs such as IPv6 deployment (as just one example).  I truly think that this would be a win-win situation on the part of both parties and I will be exploring this more a
 nd then reporting back to the group as to what might be possible in order for us to continue discussions.  ANY ideas in this area would most certainly be appreciated!

2.  ALS Application Forms - Garth has been attempting to get ICANN to move away from using Word documents for ALS Applications and to move to an on-line form.  This is still being discussed but most seem to agree that Word forms are just the wrong way to go.  We also discussed confidentiality issues and a better wiki page that organizes the information for possible incoming ALSs in a more structured and easy-to-read manner.

3.  ATLAS II - An excellent question was raised as to what are the RALO's doing to prepare the ALSs for the ATLAS II meeting.  So far as I can see, NARALO has done nothing in this regard.  As I am on both the ATLAS II and the Leadership committees, I will be following up on this and making suggestions to the group for further consideration/discussion.  However, this is something that we all need to start thinking about.



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