[NA-Discuss] IMPORTANT Reminder - NARALO Operating Procedures Changes - TOMORROW'S CALL 3PM EST - 1900UTC

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Mon Aug 12 17:28:58 UTC 2013

>From Garth Bruen, Chair of NARALO

Hello all,

The main focus of tomorrow's NARALO call will be to discuss and hopefully
get consensus on changes to our Operating Procedures. Please go directly to
Agenda item 5.2 and all sub-items in the call agenda:


Each sub item corresponds to changes to or additions of the Procedure
numbers 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and 21. The items in the
agenda are brief o the changes and not the literal changes, please refer to
the draft documents issued by Alan for specifics. Please familiarize
yourself with these changes.

Any other business will be discussed when and if the policy change
discussion is complete.

One critical change concerns #19 which enhances our ability to handle ties
in a NARALO election, which we are facing right now. Essentially, we are
recommending that ties be broken by a temporary three-person group drawn
from our leadership. Once this is agreed by consensus, the Chair will call
for a run-off vote for secretariat to resolve the current tie. On the
occurrence of a second tie we will employ the new procedure.

It is CRITICAL that we have as many NARALO members on the call to ratify
these changes. If you have questions or concerns about the proposed
please post them to the list now to avoid redundant discussion an
explanation during the call.

Thanks, Garth

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>Attached are a red-line and a clean version to be discussed at the NARALO
>meeting on Monday.
>There are only a small number of changes from the previous version (this
>time in purple):
>13. Make it clear that the sentence on tie-breaking is for the ALAC member
>(the subject of the entire paragraph).
>16. Grammar correction "participates IN online discussions"
>17. Remove a redundant "submitting".
>This and older drafts can be found at
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