[NA-Discuss] 2nd revision of NARALO Operating Procedures

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
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>Subject: [NA-Discuss] 2nd revision of NARALO Operating Procedures
>Based on comments, I have made a few more changes. These are shown in BLUE.
>12/13. Normal procedure in the ALAC is now to hold secret votes for
>elections/selections that are contended. The changes to 12 and 13
>allow the NARALO to do this as well. This is in fact how we have been
>operating, so the change just ratifies our existing behavior.
>16. Correct and error that said a suspended ALS could regain their
>active status by voting, but voting is the thing they are not allowed
>to do if inactive. Also added a provision whereby NARALO can request
>the the ALAC de-certify an essentially defunct ALS. The ALAC would
>still need to conduct due diligence, so the procedures in NARALO do
>not need to be exceedingly detailed.
>Last call for additional issues?

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