[NA-Discuss] Draft NARALO Operating Procedures

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Mon Aug 5 19:10:19 UTC 2013

I offer the following draft of the reviser NARALO Operating Procedures

In summary, I have changed:
- a number of things we noted before as problems but never fixed
- the tie-breaking which triggered this revision
- other important things I found along the way.

All of our documents are BADLY in need of revision. This is NOT that 
effort, but I have tried to fix the really serious issues and 
particularly ones that have caused us problems in the past.

In detail by section number:

7. Adding the possibility for a shared Secretariat, which already 
implied in section 8 by the "person(s)". As far as I can find, we 
have no "language requirements", so I deleted the reference to it.

9. That is primarily where the ALAC Member responsibilities now 
reside (or pointed to by RoP).

11. Removal of the term "Statement of Interest" which now has another 
meaning. Nominations is what this process is referred to in ALAC 
docs, and in fact, that is what actually happens except in the rare 
self-nomination case.

12. Goes with above.

15. Currently, only a rep of a true ALS can vote to alter the 
Operating Procedures. The representative of unaffiliated members was 
accidentally omitted. This fixes that.

16. Since we say that selections should largely be by consensus, this 
fits better than just counting votes which might not happen.

17. Again removing a mis-used "Statement of Interest" and making the 
process clear. I also made it clear how you lose unaffiliated 
membership. I removed what is essentially an implementation issue 
that did not belong in the rules and added a tie-breaking rule 
patterned on that in 13.

19. The new rule for tie-breaking in a Chair or Secretariat election.

20. To counteract section 12.9 of the Procedure for Meetings which 
says we vote like LAC, with weighted voting balancing countries.

21. Fix the many discrepancies among documents.


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