[NA-Discuss] Consensus on NARALO showcase in Toronto

Beau Brendler beaubrendler at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 25 17:49:27 UTC 2012


Pursuant to the last NA phone meeting, I said I would try to measure some consensus in the region as to whether we should plan and hold a showcase in Toronto, as we did (very successfully) in San Francisco.

What I heard on the phone was something of a consensus that we should not have one, reasons cited including:
* Showcase burnout
* Few new ALSs to showcase joining NA since San Francisco
* Do we (regional orgs) need to have a showcase every time there is a local ICANN meeting?
* Instead of a showcase should we do something that's more engaged with the public interest
* Should we concentrate instead on capacity building sessions or other

So I am going to start from the position that there's a consensus we should not hold a showcase in Toronto.

Please let us know over the next week or so if you would like NA to hold a showcase and we can consider the response.

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