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If you could, please take a few minutes to fill out the survey below.

Thanks a bunch,


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Subject: [Secretariat] FW: Fwd: [soac-discussion] Survey: ICANN effectiveness as a global organization

Dear All,

Olivier Crépin-Leblond, Chair of the ALAC, has asked that a reminder be sent out regarding the Survey on "ICANN Effectiveness as a Global Organization."

Please find Olivier's email below, as well as Kurt Pritz's initial email.


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On 3/23/12 3:37 PM, "Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond" <ocl at gih.com> wrote:

>Hello everyone,
>please find enclosed, an invitation to participate in the survey on 
>ICANN effectiveness as a global organization. I often hear criticism 
>that ICANN is not doing enough -- now is the time to express yourself.
>Since we are present in all of ICANN's 5 regions, I would really 
>recommend that you send this to your local RALO lists too.
>Available in: English - Arabic - Chinese - Russian - French - Spanish
>Kind regards,
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>Sujet: 	[soac-discussion] Survey: ICANN effectiveness as a global
>Date : 	Fri, 23 Mar 2012 12:19:48 -0700
>De : 	Kurt Pritz <kurt.pritz at icann.org>
>Pour : 	soac-discussion at icann.org <soac-discussion at icann.org>
>Copie a` : 	David Olive <david.olive at icann.org>, Robert Hoggarth
><robert.hoggarth at icann.org>, Jamie Hedlund <jamie.hedlund at icann.org>
>Dear Community Leader:
>ICANN is publishing today a survey 
><http://questionpro.com/t/AHB7OZM7Lx%20> to solicit community input on 
>improving its effectiveness as a global organization. We seek your help 
>to forward this email to your community members and encourage 
>participation. ICANN has community participants and leaders from all 
>regions of the world and seeks to enhance to its performance as a 
>global organization.
>Participation is important. The feedback collected from the survey will 
>help inform ICANN¹s strategy for improving its global engagement. By 
>identifying the activities that are most important toward fully 
>reflecting the global nature of ICANN¹s mission, the feedback will also 
>help to establish priorities for ICANN. The survey results will be 
>shared with the ICANN community and additional opportunities will be 
>made available to comment before any actions are formalized and 
>The survey is available in all of the UN languages, and feedback is 
>encouraged from stakeholders in all regions. The survey is open until 
>22 April 2012.
>The survey is intended to aid understanding the following:
>1) The extent to which our current participation and operating 
>either: encourage global participation in ICANN; contribute to ICANN's 
>global effectiveness; or improve ICANN's interactions as a global 
>2) The extent to which ICANN's participation and operating processes 
>improve ICANN's reputation globally.
>In addition to the multiple-choice survey questions, every section 
>includes an open-ended text box to provide supporting information or 
>specific recommendations. Taking the time to add written comments is 
>important and can contribute directly to strategy development.
>If you have any questions or concerns about the survey, please send an 
>e-mail to: participation at icann.org <mailto:participation at icann.org> or 
>write directly to me at pritz at icann.org <mailto:pritz at icann.org>.
>Please participate. Please strongly encourage others to do so.
>Kurt Pritz
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