[NA-Discuss] Fwd: The Internet Society on Egypt’s Internet shutdown

Avri Doria avri at ella.com
Mon Jan 31 04:45:34 UTC 2011


Well then we disagree.

For the more we discuss it, the more convinced I become that ICANN should make a statement declaring, at the very least, this sort of behavior to be incompatible with the well being of the Internet and contrary to international covenants related to freedom of information.

If ICANN is going to have credibility in its role as a steward of the Internet, it must not let this pass uncommented.  If it does, then it will share responsibility for all future such action by virtue of its silence.

John, I thank you for helping me see the issue more clearly.


On 30 Jan 2011, at 23:30, John R. Levine wrote:

>> But certainly I think ICANN can describe what sorts of behavior is and is not appropriate and certainly I think that allocation policy can look at taking such behaviors into account.
> I am unalterably opposed to any proposal in which ICANN would purport to tell any government what to do.  That just makes us look silly.
> It's not like the Egyptian government is unaware of what they've done, after all.
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