[NA-Discuss] Fwd: The Internet Society on Egypt’s Internet shutdown

Eric Brunner-Williams ebw at abenaki.wabanaki.net
Mon Jan 31 03:45:07 UTC 2011

On 1/30/11 7:25 PM, John R. Levine wrote:

> Networks withdraw routes and make address space unreachable all the time

true, and not relevant.

> hands out the ASNs and IP space, but has nothing to do with the
> maintenance of the route table ...

since the global routing table is the construct of peering bgp 
speakers, the same claim could be made, with the same lack of utility, 
for every subnet owning entity possessed of a boarder router.

> ...For all we know,
> the Egyptian government disconnected the networks with an axe, and the
> routes are just going away as a side effect.

demonstrably false, but rhetorically amusing.

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