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I have a question about this, Eric:

Mexico is not part of NARALO, so do your observations on Mayan languages still hold up?

As far as languages go, we have always had to use the official languages of the countries involved so, in this case, it is English, French and Spanish.

I need to hear from others if we now want to push to include other languages.  If we do this we will be opening the doors to all kinds of other language groups, too.  How about Cantonese?  Hindi?  There are tons of immigrants in North America that speak other languages, too.


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I'd like to see a statement that the indigenous character of the
Greenland Home Rule government is harmed, if only in theory, by the
construction of Greenland as a part of Europe.

I'd also like to see a statement that the indigenous character of
North America is harmed, if only in theory, buy the construction of
North America as limited to the Francophone and Anglophone dominated
nation states.

For those not looking, some of the largest native language populations
in the United States (and the North American Region as ICANN
constructs it) are Nahuatl, Mixtex and Zapotec. If the three major
Mayan languages, Yucatec, Tzeital and Tzotzil) are counted as "Mayan",
it should be counted as well. These are right up there with Cree
(counted like "Mayan" as a single language"), or Slavey (same).

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