[NA-Discuss] Summary Minutes NARALO Call 17 January 2011

ICANN At-Large Staff staff at atlarge.icann.org
Tue Jan 18 09:23:29 UTC 2011

Dear All,

The summary minutes, action items and audio recording from yesterday¹s
NARALO conference call have been posted on the agenda page at:

The summary minutes are also attached below.


Heidi Ullrich, Matthias Langenegger, Seth Greene, Gisella Gruber-White,
Marilyn Vernon, Kristina Nordström
ICANN At-Large Staff

email: staff[at]atlarge.icann.org
website: www.atlarge.icann.org

Participants: Beau Brendler, Alan Greenberg, Darlene Thompson, Marc
Rotenberg, Annalisa Roger, Evan Leibovitch, Allan Skuce, Chris Grundemann,
Eric Brunner-Williams, Eduardo Diaz, Glenn McKnight, Joly McFie, Gareth
Shearman, Gordon Chillcott

Apologies: Monique Chatrand

Guests: Olivier Crepin-Leblond

Staff: Matthias Langenegger

Review of Action Items from last meeting
AI: Annalisa will send a list with affordable hotels in the meeting venue
area to the NARALO list.

AI: Staff will send out a call for volunteer for the NARALO Showcase WG will
be sent out.

AI: Alan will draft suggested modifications to the NARALO Rules of Procedure
for Meetings and the Operating Principles (to fix an omission with regards
to the votes of the unaffiliated user representative).
ONGOING - Alan: this is more time-consuming than expected. There are
additional areas that need fixing.

AI: Beau will draft a document in response to the DOC letter
CANCELED Alan: In my view it is no longer necessary to redact a document,
the time has passed.

Beau moved, seconded by Alan, to cancel the action item on drafting a
response to the DOC letter.

The motion passed unanimously.

Open Public Consultations
AI: Eric will draft a note on the ownership, trust, and economic (legal)
barriers to operational data and the importance of data to informed policy

Evan: We put out a statement, which basically says that the current course
of action on new gTLDs is unacceptable. We also created two WGs to draft
detailed recommendations.

Evan: At the moment, there is only a tentative location and a tentative date
for the GAC - Board meeting on new gTLDS. The location does no longer seem
to be Geneva.

Olivier: We have been in contact with the Board and the GAC urging them to
have the meeting as soon as possible. Late February is too close to San
Francisco. We are still waiting for a joint statement to announce the exact
date and location.

Alan gave a synopsis of the ALAC statement on Uniform Rapid Suspension.

Review of Cartagena Meeting
Update on ALAC Officer and Liaison Positions

Beau gave a short summary of the ALAC leadership elections in Cartagena. You
can find the complete list of the current ALAC members and officers

Update on ALAC Policy Discussions
A review of ALAC¹s policy discussions in Cartagena can be found in the
Chair's report from Cartagena
<http://www.atlarge.icann.org/announcements/announcement-10dec10-en.htm> .

Update on ICANN developments and important Board decisions
Evan: The big news was the approval of .XXX. There are still wrestling over
some details but they decided to go ahead. However, there was no vote to
launch the new gTLD process.

Eric: The fact that the Board did not adopt the GAC recommendation was

Alan: There are about 6 sections that talk about GAC advice in the ICANN
Bylaws and not a single section on ALAC advice. However, the Board has
largely ignored those sections, a fact that was highlighted by the GAC
recently. This will have to change in the future. Secondly, the Board
revised its decision on the morality and public order (MAPO) issue and
referred back to the group drafting the recommendations. That's encouraging
to see.

Eduardo: The first letter of the DOC was on MAPO. They said ICANN should not
get involved in this.

Evan: The GNSO resolved that ICANN needs to install a mechanism to deal with
objectionable strings. This obviously puts ICANN in a difficult position
with regards to the DOC letter. The ICANN Board will eventually have to deal
with it. The GAC and the ALAC are both involved in the MAPO issue. At-Large
improvements work team A has started drafting possible Bylaw changes to help
strengthen ALAC¹s institutional role, although the draft modifications are
not as detailed as those pertaining to the GAC. Lastly, there is also a
small WG drafting alternative Applicant Guidebook text for certain areas.
The alternative Guidebook is more user-centric than the actual Applicant

NARALO Input to Work Team C SWOT Analysis
Olivier: Work team C looked at recommendations 5 and 6 of the At-Large
improvement recommendations. We were trying to identify specific strengths
and weaknesses and hope that each region can provide input on this SWOT
analysis from their regional perspective.


Gareth: I would like to volunteer to be the conduit for the NARALO

AI: Garteh will collect the input from NARALO to the WT C SWOT analysis.

Update on San Francisco Showcase Working Group
Eduardo: Staff will shortly send out a doodle for the first WG call.

There is also a wiki workspace to plan the SF showcase available under:


Update from the At-Large Improvements WTs
Annalisa summarized the recent WT B developments
+B> .

Annalisa: While it is possible to get an Adobe Connect meeting room from
ICANN for your ALS meetings, we at ISCO SF did not find it particularly
useful. However, it could help draw in some members in other ALSes perhaps.

Alan: It would be helpful to have one standardized page per ALS on our wiki
to provide information and contact details.

Beau and Annalisa agreed to that.

Darlene: If we do factsheets for our ALSes for SF as LACRALO did for the
Cartagena showcase we would already have what Alan is suggesting.

There was general agreement to this proposal.

Marc: I made a proposal to do a town hall meeting in San Francisco perhaps
at Stanford University. This would be a great opportunity to draw in the
interested public.

Beau liked the suggestion.

Annalisa: I would like to note, however, that Stanford is 60 miles away from
Union Square. I could certainly help but logistics are challenging. If there
are other ICANN events taking place in Silicon Valley there might be
shuttles. Otherwise it could prove difficult to get bring the attendees from
SF to Stanford university.

Recent and Upcoming Activities of NARALO members
Beau: I am happy to announce that we will produce a document on the consumer
constituency in San Francisco.

Alan: Beau, there seem to be two different definitions of consumers: 1)
people buying stuff online, and 2) consumers of the Internet itself.

Beau: My definitions is the latter

Alan: Okay because the draft charters,  I have seen seem to focus on the
financial transaction aspect.

Beau: That must be an older version.

Eduardo: I would like to remind you that the NomCom is looking for
applicants for the coming year. I would like to encourage you to put forward
candidates. The deadline is April 4th.

Beau: Thanks to all.

The meeting was then adjourned.

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