[NA-Discuss] Call for Volunteers - NARALO Showcase

Thompson, Darlene DThompson1 at GOV.NU.CA
Fri Jan 7 18:57:23 UTC 2011

Dear All,

We are looking for volunteers to help organize the NARALO showcase event at the ICANN San Francisco meeting in March.

The NARALO showcase will be an opportunity to present the North American At-Large structures to the wider ICANN community, highlight the role of NARALO in the Internet eco-system and reach out to local Internet users.

Similar events were organized in the past year by AFRALO (Nairobi), EURALO (Brussels) and LACRALO (Cartagena):

LACRALO: http://www.atlarge.icann.org/lacralo/cartagena-outreach.htm
EURALO: http://www.atlarge.icann.org/euralo/brussels-outreach.htm
AFRALO: http://www.atlarge.icann.org/afralo/nairobi-outreach.htm

As per decision during its last meeting, NARALO will be convening an organizing committee for the showcase event. The committee will be responsible for, among other things,

·        developing the agenda and identifying a main theme

·        Identifying and contacting the speakers (including a possible keynote speaker)

·        collecting material from the NARALO ALSes (including text for ALS Fact Sheets, posters, brochures etc.)

·        identifying and contacting possible sponsors

If you are interested in participating in the organizing committee, please reply to this email by Tuesday 11 January. We will send out a Doodle to schedule the first conference call shortly thereafter.  It is expected that there will be a total of between 5 and 7 calls.

You can find further information about the NARALO showcase organizing committee under: https://community.icann.org/display/NARALO/NARALO+San+Francisco+Showcase+Working+Group


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