proyecto de informe LACRALO Mediación: Desvío

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Lun Oct 31 19:03:36 UTC 2016

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 Asunto: proyecto de informe LACRALO Mediación: Desvío 
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 Queridos todos, 

 Aquí tienes el Informe provisional de mediación. 


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> De: David Plumb <dplumb en>
> Fecha: 30 de octubre de 2016, 21:46:48 CLST
> Para: HUMBERTO CARRASCO <hcarrascob en>
> Cc: "Maritza Y. Aguero Minano" <myaguero en>, Merrick Hoben <mhoben en>, Rodrigo Gouveia <rodrigo.gouveia en>, Horacio Falcao <horacio.falcao en>
> Asunto: LACRALO Mediation draft report
> Dear Humberto,
> Could you kindly forward this email to the LACRALO community via the email list serve. Many thanks,
> David
> __
> Dear members of the LACRALO community,
> Attached please find a draft report that synthesizes key ideas that have emerged from 16 interviews conducted as a first step in a mediation process underway in the LACRALO community.
> The mediation team is sharing this report as a draft to stimulate feedback from the entire LACRALO community, to ensure the report captures the range of views and ideas, to obtain everyone’s input and to clarify how it may be improved.
> The report was written in English, and we've attached translations in Spanish, Portuguese and French. 
> To facilitate feedback, the mediation team is sending out a 3-question survey alongside this draft report. We invite all members of the LACRALO community to read the report and respond to this 3-question survey through these links:
> English:
> Spanish:
> French:
> Portuguese:
> The team will provide an updated version of the report, with more detailed suggestions on next steps, based on feedback received. Regarding next steps, the mediation process will likely include an in-person workshop in late January 2017.
> The mediation team is very grateful to everyone who took time to speak with us about these important issues. Thank you, and we look forward to continue working with LACRALO members to build a more constructive path forward for the community. 
> Sincerely, The Value Negotiation – CBI Team
> David Plumb / Horacio Falcão / Rodrigo Gouveia / Merrick Hoben

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