[lac-discuss-es] Nombramiento del representante de LACRALO al ALAC

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Vie Ago 28 19:24:27 UTC 2015

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 Asunto: Re: Nombramiento del representante de LACRALO al ALAC 
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 Entiendo totalmente esta decisión y aplaudo su stand de principio. 

 Ahora estoy convencido de que el proceso electoral fue secuestrado. Y se nos pide que 
 aceptar que era un resultado de la ignorancia de las reglas. La intención es para nosotros 
 sólo lástima el resultado alcanzó bajo el color de la ignorancia. 

 Eso no es aceptable para la Universidad de las Indias Occidentales y en este 
 registro, ese objetivo se sumariamente rechazada. 

 Cuando la asamblea general - la elección - se llama, lo haré, en un punto 
 de orden, ofrecer una moción de confianza en el liderazgo con LACRALO 
 todos los detalles de apoyo. 

 Saludos cordiales, 
 Ritz-Carlton Samuels

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 El Viernes, 28 de agosto 2015 a las 12:28 PM, Lance Hinds <brainstreetceo en gmail.com>

> Dear All,
> Let me first sincerely thank Jose Arce for nominating me and my friend
> Antonio Media Gomez for supporting this nomination. After some deep
> reflection and soul searching however I wish to advise Staff and the
> membership that I will not seek election as LACRALO's representative to the
> I believe firmly that if a process for nomination and election has been
> established it should be followed. The fact it can be upturned because
> persons did not participate in a timely manner is something I continue to
> find deeply distressing. I am also not prepared to be accused further of a
> conflict of interest because I engage in a business activity for my
> livelihood that has nothing to do with my long term interest and commitment
> to this RALO.
> I have seen the requirements for being an ALAC representative and know I
> meet and indeed exceed those requirements. I have demonstrated that I have
> collaborated to my at-large colleagues regardless of location or language.
> I still feel, however, that the rollout of this process, was in the end, a
> subversion of the very democratic process we have committed to uphold in
> LACRALO and ICANN as a whole.
> I am now convinced that the Caribbean Constituency face and will continue,
> an extraordinary challenge in being selected for regional service. Someone
> else may be willing to fight this fight. I however cannot summon the energy
> to contest in an election that I have already won. I wish all the
> candidates in this election the very best as they seek to represent “LA
> RALO”.
> My very best regards
> Lance Hinds
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