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 Hola Carlton 

 Sólo una nota rápida - para gente como yo, sólo puedo hacer tantas llamadas al 0200 (no soy otra CLO), pero no lee las transcripciones de reuniones, y no participar en los debates sobre la línea, por lo que ser un poco cuidadoso en lo que se entiende por la participación. 

 Dicho esto, las continuas disculpas - y nada más - debe ser un valor de cero 

 El 09 de agosto 2015, a las 09:39 am, Carlton Samuels <carlton.samuels en gmail.com> escribió: 

> +1.  
> The challenge is adjusting the structural underpinnings of the At-Large engagement in ICANN and the perceptions of performance.  And that will be difficult, at best.
> More to the point, we are not seeing the kind of innovative thinking about performance metrics that would make what you and I see as value come to the top.
> Case in point. We had a recent situation in LACRALO where it was seriously proposed that if one sends an apology for non-attendance - note well, purely not attending - an online meeting, that should be counted as participation! 
> And, some benighted fella would claim offense if one were to reflexively say aloud that the notion as expressed offends even the commonsensical idea of what is stupid.
> -Carlton
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> On Sat, Aug 8, 2015 at 2:37 AM, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond <ocl en gih.com> wrote:
> Dear Alan,
> agreed on all your other points.
> On 08/08/2015 00:58, Alan Greenberg wrote:
> >
> > 3. The latter ones come to meetings, perhaps attend some meetings,
> > enjoy the local offerings, and go home and forget about us until the
> > next trip. THOSE are the ones that I have a real problem with.
> And unfortunately whenever the time comes for having face to face
> meetings, we treat those people the same way as we treat the people who
> genuinely want to get involved. It is impossible to build a relationship
> with people who do not make the effort to keep involved in between face
> to face meetingsMy argument is that we should identify people who have a
> genuine interest in helping out and facilitate their involvement in face
> to face meetings, more often than at GAs every 5 years.
> So far, what I have done is to give excellent references to people
> applying for the fellowship program and whom I judge to be of real
> potential. But that's not enough since the program is only available for
> developing nations.
> This is why I would favour the ability for the ALAC to invite people
> from their ALSes to an ICANN meeting, based on a skill requirement. For
> example, the hot topic is about WHOIS, let's invite people whom we know
> to be privacy experts. The hot topic is about ICANN Accountability -
> let's invite people who run an ALS that has a need to impeccable
> accountability. etc.
> Kind regards,
> Olivier
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